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We have designed packages tours to cater to tourists of the disabled peoples or elderly peoples are using a wheelchair visited Thailand since 2002. More than 200 families visited Thailand with us. Your trip will smooth without a barrier because transportation, accommodation, and attractions are convenient for a wheelchair. ​

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Accessible Van

Transport arrangement by us is specially designed with lift and ramp for our special guests. Personal assistance could also be arranged upon request so that your vacation in Thailand is a fulfilling one.

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Accessible Hotels

We cooperate with hotels in Thailand to prepare the room for easy access for the disabled / elderly or whom are used wheelchairs. To avoid problems with booking this room.  You can book accessible room with us. You can get special rates

Personal Care 750pix.jpg

Personal Carer

If you need someone to take care of personally. we also have special services for people who need assistance.  We have personal care assistance with services.
Services types.

- Service 4 hours /day

- Service 10 hours /day

- Service 24 hours.

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