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Some people need help with daily activities. Some people need a help in during visit places. someday need to massage at rooms.

Many of you have to pay the costs of transportation,  accommodation, and meals for the personal carer.  if you bring personal care assistant to come from your countries to help in during their visit Thailand.

Therefore we provide personal care services for you. It will save the cost of your travel trip. We can provide personal care assistant to you in during visit Thailand. Our staff is well trained and experienced in caring for patients and the elderly. They can help you such as showers, clean clothes, feed and care for others.


Services details

- Bath - Sponge. Change clothes. Cleaning the body.
- The problem with urine and defecation, as well as a garden stool.

- Provide food feeding.

- Suction tube feeding (if the patient requires tube feeding).

- The basic physiotherapy.

- Clean room, equipment for Disabled people or elderly.

- Etc.


Personal Care Assistant's services types.
- Daily 4 hours (
Morning, Afternoon or Evening)
- Daily 10 hours 

- Daily 24 hours (Customers provide accommodation)

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